"Put your trust in the Lord, trust the process and be as good as you can be. Good morning and have a nice day!"

"Good morning! May the Lord open doors and show you his favor, today and always."

"Good morning! May the Lord fill your heart with happiness on this special day."

"Have a blessed day when you can’t put your prayer into words, God hears your heart."

"Always be grateful for this wonderful day that God has given us. Have a wonderful morning."

"Monday blessings with God all things are possible. Have a great week! Good morning."

"Everything that we have it’s because God loves us and provides. Always acknowledge and trust Him. For his blessings endures forever."

"Good morning God, I am in your hands. I know you won’t drop me. Thank you Lord for keeping power."

"Give thanks to God always for He is the giver of everything. Let Him be seen in you. Good morning, have a lovely day."

"The world is new to us every morning. This is God’s gift and every man should believe he is reborn each day."