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Love is the most beautiful feeling in the world. We have a great collection of Love English Shayari. Read here Best Love Shayari and feel the love. True love is found only by luck! Can you really express your love with Love Shayari?

Love is a feeling, which is not from the mind but from the heart. Love is not that which is said and shown, love is that which is kept hidden. Use these love shayari in english for your love and make them happy.



Rab Kare Zindagi Mein Aisa Bhi Mukam Aaye,
Meri Rooh Aur Or Jaan Aapke Kaam Aaye,
Har Dua Mein Bas Yahi Mangte Hain Rab Se,
Ki Agle Janam Mein Bhi Aapke Dil Pe Mera Hi Naam Aaye.

May God bring such a destination in life,
May my soul and life be useful to you, 
In every prayer, we ask only this from God, 
May my name come on your heart in the next birth as well.


Love Shayari in English

Love English Shayari

Agar Thak Jaao Kabhi To Humse Kahna
Hum Utha Lenge Tumko Apni Baahon Mein,
Aap Ek Baar Pyar Karke To Dekho Humse,
Hum Khushiyan Bicha Denge Aapki Raahon Mein.

If you ever get tired then tell us, 
We’ll lift you up in our arms, 
If you fall in love with us once, 
We will spread happiness in your path.



Tere Pyar Mein Humne Apna Honsh Gawa Diya,
Aankhon Mein Teri Jhaakkar Khudko Tujhme Sama Diya,
Jab Se Chadha Hai Aapke Ishq Ka Nasha Aankhon Par,
Tab Se Is Khali Dil Mein Aapko Sanwaar Diya.

We lost our hearts in your love, 
By looking into your eyes, I absorbed myself in you, 
Ever since your eyes have been intoxicated with love, 
Since then you have been created in this empty heart.



Humse Zyada Koi Bechain Kya Hoga,
Humse Zyada Koi Betaab Kya Hoga,
Yaadon Ko Bahon Mein Lekar Soye Rahe,
Isse Jyada Unke Pyar Ka Jawab Kya Hoga.

What could be more restless than us, 
What would be more desperate than us, 
Kept sleeping with his memories in the flow,
What would be the answer to their love more than this.


Blind Sided By Love Quotes


Hote Tum Paas To Koi Shararat Karate,
Lekar Tujhko Bahon Mein Bepanah Mohabbat Karte.

If you were near, you would have played some mischief, 
Taking you with me, I used to love you endlessly.

Love English Shayari

Love English Shayari

Tamanna Hai Meri Bas Tujhe Paane Ki,
Aur Koi Hasrat Nahi Hai Tere Deewane Ki,
Shikwa Mujhe Tujhse Nahi Khuda Se Hai,
Kya Zarurat Thi Tujhe Itna Khubsurat Banane Ki.

I just want to get you, 
And there is no desire for your lover, 
My complaint is not with you but with God, 
What was the need to make you so beautiful.



Aankhon Mein Na Humko Dhoondo Sanam,
Hum To Dil Mein Tere Bas Jaayenge,
Tamanna Hai Agar Humse Milne Ki To,
Band Aankhon Mein Bhi Hum Nazar Aayenge.

Don’t look for me in your eyes dear, 
We will settle in your heart, 
If you wish to meet us, 
We can see even with closed eyes.



Naseeb Mera Kyu Mujhse Khafa Ho Jata Hai, 
Apna Jisko Mano Wo Bewafa Ho Jata Hai, 
Kyu Na Ho Shikayat Meri Nazro Ko Raat Se, 
Sapna Pura Hota Nahi Aur Sawera Ho Jata Hai.

Why does my fate get angry with me, 
The one whom you consider your own becomes unfaithful, 
Why should my eyes not complain from the night, 
The dream does not come true and it is morning.


Reality of Gulzar Quotes On Life


Har Sham Se Tera Izhaar Kiya Karte Hai,
Har Khwab Me Tera Didar Kiya Karte Hai,
Diwane Hi To Hai Hum Tere,
Jo Har Waqt Tujhse Milne Ka Intzaar Kiya Karte Hai.

Every evening I express you, 
I see you in every dream, 
We are crazy about you,
Who always waits to meet you.

Love Shayari in English 2 Lines

Love English Shayari

Wo Hasrate Dil Ki Ab Zuban Par Aane Lagi,
Tumne Dekha Aur Ye Zindagi Muskurane Lagi.

That smile of the heart has now started coming on the tongue, 
You saw and this life started smiling.



Khamosh Muhabbat Ka Ehsaas Hai Wo,
Meri Khwahish Aur Mera Jazbaat Hai Wo,
Aksar Ye Khayal Kyu Aata Hai Dil Mai,
Meri Pahli Khoj Aur Aakhiri Talash Hai Wo.

It is the feeling of silent love, 
He is my wish and my passion, 
Why does this thought often come to mind? 
He is my first search and my last search.



Bin Aapke Kuchh Bhi Achha Nahi Lagta,
Kuchh Pal Ki Judai Bhi Sahi Nahi Jaati,
Tum Khud Hi Samajh Lo Gehraai Pyar Ki,
Likh Kar Yeh Baat Mujhse Kahi Nahi Jaati.

Nothing feels good without you, 
Even a moment’s separation is not right, 
You yourself understand the depth of love, 
I can’t get anywhere by writing this thing.



Aaj Phir Se Hawaon Ne Rukh Badla Hai,
Aaj Phir Se Fizaon Me Rang Dhalne Wala Hai,
Mere Dil Ko Hamesha Ho Raha Hai Ehsaas,
Shayad Kisi Se Ikrar Hone Wala Hai.

Today again the winds have changed direction,
Today again the colors are going to change in the atmosphere,
My heart is always feeling,
Maybe someone is about to agree.

Short Love Shayari in English

Love English Shayari

Aankhein Kholu Toh Chehra Tumhara Ho,
Aankhein band Karu Toh Sapna Tumhara Ho,
Mar Bhi Jau Toh Koi Gum Nahi,
Agar Kafan Ke Badle Anchal Tumhara Ho.

If I open my eyes, it’s your face 
If I close my eyes, then the dream is yours, 
Even if I die, there is no sorrow, 
If the lapel is yours instead of the shroud.



Na chand chahiye, na hi falak chahiye,
Mujhe bus tumhari ek jhalak chahiye.

Neither the moon nor the flag is needed,
I just want a glimpse of you.



Tere Bina Hum Tutkar Bikhar Jayenge,
Tum Mil Gaye To Gulshan Ki Tarah Khil Jayenge,
Tum Na Mile To Hum Jite Ji Mar Jayenge,
Tumhe Paa Liya To Markar Bhi Jee Jayenge.

Without you we will fall apart, 
If you meet, you will blossom like Gulshan, 
If we don’t meet you, we will die alive. 
If I get you, I will live even after dying.


Jaun Elia Famous Shayari


Ishq Mohabbat To Sab Karte Hai,
Bas Pyar Mein Bichhadne Se Darte Hai,
Hum To Na Ishq Karte Hai Na To Mohabbat,
Hum To Bas Aapki Ek Muskurahat Pane Ko Taraste Hai.

Everyone does love, 
Just afraid of falling in love 
We neither love nor love, 
We just yearn to get one of your smiles.

True Love Shayari in English

Love English Shayari

Jo Main Ruth Jau To Tum Mujhe Mana Lena,
Kuch Na Kehna Bus Sine Se Laga Lena.

If I get upset, then you convince me, 
Don’t say anything, just hug me.



Kaha Koi Aisa Mila Jis Par Dil Luta Dete,
Har Ek Ne Dhoka Diya Kis-Kis Ko Bhula Dete,
Hum Apna Gum Dil Mein Dabaye Phirte Hai, 
Karte Hai Bayan To Mehfil Ko Rula Dete Hai.

Where did you find someone on whom you would have lost your heart, 
Everyone cheated, forgetting each and every one, 
We keep our sorrows in our hearts, 
If they do, they make the gathering cry.



Na Jaane Wo Kaun Tera Mehboob Hoga,
Tere Hatho Mein Jiska Naseeb Hoga,
Koi Tumhe Chahe Ye Koi Badi Baat Nahi,
Jisko Tum Chaho Wo Khush Naseeb Hoga.

Don’t know who will be your lover, 
Whose fate will be in your hands, 
It’s not a big deal if someone likes you,
The one you love will have a happy fate.




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